Haley Graves shares her Top 5 Songwriting Tips

Armed with cough drops and a cup of tea, YouTuber Haley Graves explains in her own simple words what she would describe as her top 5 songwriting tips (all whilst getting over a cold).

Starting with the ultimate basic tip of purchasing a journal type book. Haley flicks through her book, showing her method of putting pen to paper and thoughts into permanent ideas.

Her second tip covers saving ideas to her phone, ready to transfer to her book at a later moment in time.

Buying an instrument (if you don't already have one), even a cheap one to aid in the songwriting process is talked about in tip 3. Haley also shares her own method of learning to play guitar.

Copyrighting original songs is covered in tip 4, with an idea of how to do it and the time frame of the process from initiating the process to receiving the copyright.

Finally Haley explains the mental aspect of how an artist could and should feel when revealing their songs to the public, with regards to other peoples views of their original songs.

Haley welcomes emails or dm's on Instagram about this video and will happily answer them in depth if required.

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