YTA Freebies

Many artists, unsigned and mainstream offer music giveaways, for a variety of reasons. Now is your chance to grab some free music from YouTube Artists to play whenever and wherever you are.

Click the name of the artists below to go to the page where their free music is offered or available.

These links were correct at the time of writing and I can confirm they all worked, but artists may have removed the offer/downloads since then.

Alayna (Requires Mailing List Sign Up)

Ashley Pantzare (Requires Signing up/Logging in to SoundCloud)

Andie Case

Arabella Jones

Blare LeVoir

Candice Sand

Caroline Dare (Requires Mailing List Sign Up)

Cimorelli (Requires Mailing List Sign Up)

Command Sisters

Emelie Wåhlin

Emily Brooke

Holly Sergeant

Jade Burke

Jake Coco (Requires Mailing List Sign Up)

Jasmine Thompson

July Jones

Kaitlyn Thomas


Lauren Tate

Maddy Newton (Requires Mailing List Sign Up)

Makayla Lynn

Maria Diebolt

Mary Sarah (Requires Mailing List Sign Up)

Matthew Jordan

Natalie Tuvey

Olivia King

Olivia Mitchell (Some require Mailing List Sign Up)

Sammie Libman

Tori Hathaway (Requires Mailing List Sign Up)

Zack Biss (Requires Mailing List Sign Up)

If you went ahead and downloaded anything from these links then tweet the artists to let them know you are grateful to them and give them some feedback.

Read the post that explains free giveaways in a little detail.
YouTube Artists free music giveaways

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