How is the Feature Video on the home page chosen?

    The Feature Video on the home page is chosen by me and will be a newly added video on YouTube that I hope viewers will get pleasure from watching.

How often is the Feature Video changed?

    There is no set time limit as to how long a Feature Video will remain there, it will all depend on other commitments I have, but it should change at the most every few days.

What are Quick Link's?

    Quick Link's are automatically randomly selected from a database of artists' YouTube Channels, and change with almost every page load, so refreshing the page will more than likely make a different one appear. Clicking the image will take you to that channel.

What is the reason for having random YouTube channels displayed?

    Using a random method means many more get to be displayed than I could ever do manually. Sometimes a good YouTube channel thumbnail picture or piece of artwork will have an amazing effect on enticing people to check something out. So the more that can be displayed, the better it can be for the artists.

What is an Oops Feature?

    An Oops Feature is on pages where no artists are listed and serves to fill the space that would otherwise be occupied by information.

Why are the male artists all on one page, yet the females are on alphabetical pages?

    Because there is nowhere near as many males listed as females. When more males are added, they too will be on alphabetical pages.

How do I get to appear on this site?

    By making me aware of you either through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or the contact form on this site.

If I'm chosen to be listed can I do anything to help?

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