Friday, 30 September 2016

New Artist on YTA ~ Haley Graves

Haley Graves is an indie pop singer and songwriter from Clearwater, Florida.

On her YouTube channel you will find a selection of covers and quite a few originals.

Whether she is singing a cover or one of her originals, there is no doubt that her silky smooth, beautifully soothing voice will capture the attention of a viewing audience very easily.

Fun fact: Haley counts herself as a professional s'more maker.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

New listing on YTA ~ Li-Ann

Li-Ann is from Zaandam, in the Netherlands but currently lives in Amsterdam.

On Li-Ann's YouTube Channel, you will find a selection of cover videos, some of which are sung on her own, others are collaborations. She also has a selection of vlogs.

Li-Ann's biggest passion is singing, but another big passion of hers is fitness and she has worked in the fitness industry for 15 years.

She aims to motivate others to live healthy lifestyles with her fitness and nutrition videos.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

New Artist on YTA ~ Nicole Blake

Nicole Blake is a singer from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Her genre is best described as Pop with a twist of R&B. As well as covering songs, she also writes her own material.

Nicole will be relocating to LA to pursue a career in music, with a production team.

This 18 year old (at the time of writing), lives by the following motto "follow your dreams because they're always possible".

Saturday, 24 September 2016

New artist on YTA ~ Sean Earle

Sean Earle is a singer/songwriter from Detroit, Michigan.

Sean writes and produces his own work.

Sean's YouTube Channel currently contains more original work than covers. Unfortunately the original works are audio only uploads, but are totally worth checking out.

Go take a look at all of Sean's stuff to see what you think.

New listing on YTA ~ Hilary K

Hilary K is a singer / songwriter from Abruzzo, Italy.

Despite only having a small amount of videos on YouTube, Hilary is definitely one to check out.

The production of Hilary's uploads is of a very high quality in both the audio and video.

Go check her out and see what you think.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New band listed on YTA ~ The Hobbs Sisters

The Hobbs Sisters are twins Hannah and Lauren, and are from Peters Township, Pennsylvania in Washington County.

It was their grandfather, Pappaw John, that first exposed them to country music and playing the guitar. He and the church choir are credited for getting the girls into music.

They began performing as a duo in the Pittsburgh area, as well as in Winston Salem, NC, where they graduated from Wake Forest University.

These girls have amazing harmony when singing together. Whether singing covers for YouTube or performing live, they will draw you in and capture your attention.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

New artist on YTA ~ Charlotte Winslow

Charlotte Winslow is a singer / guitarist from the Canadian prairies.

Charlotte has a beautifully sweet and soothing voice, which reminds me of Ellie Goulding in a way.

On her channel you will find original music as well as covers. You'll also find videos on fitness, beauty, fashion, and makeup.

Check Charlotte's content out for yourself, I think she is great and I hope you do too.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

New artist on YTA ~ Ashlund Jade

Ashlund Jade is a singer, dancer, actress and model from Utah.

She dreamed of becoming a world famous actress and singer since the age of five.

Ashlund Jade's YouTube channel is jam packed full of well produced music videos, vlogs, music video teasers and behind the scenes videos.

I found Ashlund Jade when she collaborated with Maddie Wilson on a cover of Mama Said by Lukas Graham recently.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Newly added artist on YTA ~ Ksenia Valenti

Ksenia Valenti was born and raised next to the Sea of Japan in the tiny port town of Nakhodka, Russia, but has since relocated to Los Angeles.

This singer, recording artist, comedian and actress is the daughter of a guitar player and a pianist.

She began studying classical piano at age 6, entering herself into local music competitions, which ultimately led to her appearing as a finalist on the national Russian television show, "Sing If You Can".

Ksenia's YouTube channel is a mix of music uploads and comedy sketches.

New artist on YTA ~ Celine Rae

Celine Rae is a Dutch singer-songwriter, who can also play the guitar, piano and drums.

Having a love for music from an early age, Celine could be found singing in church choirs, singing groups and would always have one of the lead singing roles in school plays.

Not just a solo artist, Celine has been a member of more than one band during her musical journey.

Mike Attinger of MainGrounds Studio helped play a part in making Celine more professional when he got involved in the making of her covers.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

New listing on YTA ~ Candice Sand

Candice Sand, originally from Melville, Saskatchewan relocated to Toronto, Ontario after graduation.

She is a Pop/R&B singer, songwriter, recording artist, as well as a piano and guitar player.

Opera, Jazz and all contemporary styles of music have been studied by Candice over the years.

Candice is "Living on caffeine and a dream...", which sounds like a great way to live to me.

New artist on YTA ~ Xochitl

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Xochitl (pronounced "so-chee") was born and raised in Sacramento, California.

Xochitl decided to take music seriously after deciding college wasn't right for her and that music is where she was destined to be.

When she was 19, she started practicing every day and played open mics. It wasn't long before Xochitl had toured the east and west coasts and performed in hundreds of venues.

Xochitl rates herself as a leopard print enthusiast.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Now listed on YTA ~ July Jones

July Jones was born in Ljubljana (the Capital of Slovenia), finished high school in the USA, but is now based in Edgware, London, UK.

This singer/songwriter has an amazingly soulful voice, that really captures your attention.

July was classically trained from the age of six years old, but then participated in gospel choir singing while studying in United States.

Her determination to succeed in the field of music is backed by the fact that she has already written over 40 songs for different record labels and artists.

Newly listed artist on YTA ~ Desiree Sierra

Desiree Sierra is a singer, songwriter and also a student athlete, particularly participating in Karate and Cheer leading.

Most of Desiree's uploads are of live performances. Watching these performances shows what a great stage presence she has.

YouTube Artists has listed Desiree on here, based mainly on the strength of her song and video 'Unbroken', which is of exceptional production, both in audio and video.

If Unbroken is a taste of what is to come, then I certainly look forward to future works from Desiree.

New artist on YTA ~ Samantha LaPorta

Samantha LaPorta, from Pensacola, Florida, is a pop singer with R&B in her soul.

With Taylor Swift being noted as a relative of hers, Samantha should feel right at home in the world of music. In fact she seems to belong there, as not only is she a singer, but she plays piano and guitar too.

Samantha gives private concerts for the children and families of the Ronald McDonald House & Nemours Children's Hospital, which has a special place in her heart.

One downside is that Samantha doesn't have a lot of content online at the moment in the way of videos for you to check out, hopefully this will change soon and we will see regular uploads. For now though check out her 'Summertime Hold On Me' video, it's great.

Newly added artist on YTA ~ Danelle

Danelle is a singer & songwriter based in Downtown Los Angeles.

Recently Danelle ran a Kickstarter campaign to help her raise funds that would enable her to release her first original EP. She had already completed the first two songs on the EP, but needed help with the funds for the remaining songs.

Fifty seven backers helped her to achieve this by raising $3,686.

Check her channel out to find some greatly produced videos and sounds.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

New artist on YTA ~ Allison Ivy

Allson Ivy is a singer, songwriter and actor from Spanish Fork, Utah.

On Allison's YouTube channel you will find well produced covers, mostly sung just by herself, but on a few she has collaborated with other artists.

There are a few different scenarios for the videos, some are filmed in what would appear to be a studio, some in more intimate surroundings, and the rest are proper music videos, the filming and editing on them all is great.

She also has a couple of originals up, such as My Wish and Fantastic, with more to follow I should imagine. This girl is one to watch for sure.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Newly added artist on YTA ~ Liv V

Normally I look for artists that have a bit of information online and that have links to all the major social sites when I feature them on here. Liv V, doesn't have either of those, but after watching her video for her latest song 'Silence' recently, I felt I just had to feature her.

Covering a young girls struggle with suicidal thoughts, 'Silence' deals with the girl finding it hard to handle silence when all she really wants is answers. In the video you witness her loneliness and frustration due to wanting/needing to know where she stands. Ultimately resulting in her walking into the ocean until she goes under, and her dress washes up on the shore as a note scribbled in a book is displayed with the words 'The silence was killing me' on the page.

Liv, from Michigan, America, is also the founder of Mission.OK which aims to raise awareness for Autoimmune diseases. Go show her some support and follow her on her Mission.OK instagram page too.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

New listing on YTA ~ Kylan Road

Kylan Road are James Paek (Vocals/Producer/Lyricist) and David Brunelle (Guitarist/Arranger/Producer).

Based in Los Angeles, this duo of rockers and songwriters have worked with producers and songwriters of many different genres of music.

Kylan Road have worked with many other great artists from the world of YouTube, as well as doing songs just as a duo.

Listening to Kylan Roads music while I wrote this post brought immense pleasure, and I had to keep flicking to the videos to watch the action that went with the amazing sounds. The video and audio production is second to none.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

New listing on YTA ~ Alice Kristiansen

Born in England, but relocated to New York City as a child, Alice Kristiansen is the granddaughter of Malcolm Vaughan, who was a chart topping Welsh crooner and pop star in the 1950's.

Alice had a small but loyal following online, until one day when Ashton Kutcher shared one of her videos on his Facebook page, which boosted the views on that particular video to over 3 million.

As time went on, more compliments rolled in from notable people, such as James Bay and Shawn Mendes. Even a lead role in a movie was offered to Alice, which she declined.

Alice plans to release her first EP in 2017.