Sunday, 31 July 2016

New addition to YTA ~ Lexxi Saal

Hailing from New York, Lexxi Saal is a singer songwriter that has felt at home on the stage since she was eleven.

Early on in her career she could be found gracing the stages in places such as the Apollo Theatre, The Cutting Room and The Bitter End in her hometown.

Lexxi has been fortunate in that she she has opened for Demi Lovato, Cody Simpson and Austin Mahone.

In addition to her singing and performing, Lexxi has another venture, known as, that was created to provide love and support to the many children in Foster Care.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

New listing on YTA ~ Felicia Lu

Felicia Lu is a singer, songwriter, pianist and dancer from Freilassing in Germany.

Felicia chooses to attend boarding school where she can study dance, songwriting and singing. The first school she attended was too geared towards classical music, so she changed to one that was more pop orientated.

The dance styles that she has learned are ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop. Her piano playing is self taught.

To enable her to be able to reach more of the world with her videos, Felicia has decided to do them in English, rather than her native German, and I'm glad she did because I don't speak any other language, so I wouldn't of been able to include her on here if she had stuck to German. Felicia's English is actually better than a lot of English people's.

Friday, 29 July 2016

New artist on YTA - Victoria Leigh

Victoria Leigh is from Mesquite, Texas, and counts being a professional nap taker as one of her attributes alongside being a singer, actress, model & dancer.

Victoria launched a string of local appearances after making her singing debut at Rodeo City Music Hall in Mesquite, Texas.

To focus on her career after these early performances, she pushed herself to graduate early.

Victoria doesn't have many videos on YouTube, but a must watch, out of the ones that she does have up, is the video for her first ever single, Southern Prince Charming.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Calvillo Sisters now listed on YTA

The Calvillo Sisters are Dominique, Angelique, and Emma Calvillo.

The Calvillo Sisters grew up in a little house in Monrovia, Los Angeles and they would stand “in front of the white door,” and perform for their parents, who were also brilliant musicians.

Starting in 2007, the girls who were 12, 14 and 16 at the time were dying to go to Nashville, but everything that was planned to make this happen fell through time after time. However in 2013 they finally made it there.

They have a genre that is unique, comprising of Soul, R&B, Blues, Gospel, Hip-hop, & Pop.

Newly added artist on YTA ~ Mahkenna

Mahkenna Tyson was born in Ireland but moved to Southern California at an eary age.

Mahkenna, like many others started singing for family and friends at an early age, and then started having vocal coaching at the age of five.

Not just a singer, Mahkenna has also shown a keen interest in acting and started acting at nine, which led to her being in various movies and music videos. Alongside this Mahkenna also found time to model as well.

In April, 2015, Mahkenna performed at Strawberry Bowl in support of Rockin A Cure, for Cystic Fibrosis.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

New artist on YTA ~ Megan Rice

Megan Rice is a singer/songwriter/piano player from New York.

As is the case with a lot of artists, Megan always enjoyed singing for people from an early age, but started professional vocal traing and piano lessons at the age of 11, and it was then that her real passion as a singer and musician kicked in.

Megan has performed in a variety of venues, including three years in Rockers on Broadway, which is a charity event featuring a list of talented broadway performers.

As well as current songs, Megan enjoys and excels at singing soulful songs from the past, helping her to incorporate a good mix of blues, R&B, and pop in her choices of songs to sing.

Now listed on YTA ~ Sara Leone

Sara Leone is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from New York.

Sara regularly uploads new covers to YouTube, but unfortunately information about her is scarce, so I can't say much about her.

It would appear that she appeared on Season 10 of The Voice, but googling doesn't bring up much about that.

Check her out though, she is great.

New listing on YTA ~ Chloe Piscopo

Chloe Piscopo is no newcomer to YouTube, she has actually had videos online for years on another channel, that featured both hers and her sister, Kayla Jo's videos.

Searching for the Chevelle Sisters on YouTube will bring up the other channel, which is now home to just Kayla Jo's videos, but Chloe's older videos are still available on there.

On her new channel, Chloe only has four videos up at the moment, but I'm hoping that will all rapidly change and that it will soon be full of content.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

New artist on YTA ~ Cillan Andersson

Cillan Andersson is a singer/guitarist from Sweden.

Cillan learned to play guitar after feeling inspired by Taylor Swift, who Cillan rates as one of her biggest influences along with Ed Sheeran.

A self confessed goofy person, Cillan likes hanging out with friends as well as playing the guitar and singing, and can also get obsessed with TV series and not go out due to the obsession of watching them.

I like Cillan's soothing and adaptable vocals a lot and look forward to many more uploads from her as time goes on. I really feel this girl is one to watch as time goes on due to her versatility.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

New listing on YTA ~ Jordan Jansen

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, is pop/rock singer Jordan Jansen.

Jordan who also plays guitar and piano has been uploading videos to YouTube since 2006, although the oldest video on his channel is from 2008.

On his channel you will find a large selection of covers, some are full songs, others are snippets. You will also find his original work and some vlog style videos.

As well as uploading videos to YouTube, Jordan also performs live and has performed to crowds of up to 10,000 people.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Now listed on YTA ~ Olivia King

Olivia King is a singer and songwriter from Warwick, Rhode Island.

Inspired by the sounds of Lauryn Hill, Musiq Soulchild, and Michael Jackson, Olivia combines old-school dance music with a modern twist resulting in a cross between Pop and Soul

From the age of 16, Olivia has been performing locally in the Boston area at clubs and on radio and TV stations. At 17 she started writing her own music and wrote a jingle for Kudo's Trading Company in San Francisco, California.

At 19 years old Olivia made it through two rounds of The Voice.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Newly added artist on YTA ~ Mozart

Born in California but raised in 48 countries around the world, Mozart is a singer, songwriter, actress & model, who is also fluent in Chinese and Spanish.

She started playing violin and piano at a very early age and more recently she added guitar and didgeridoo to the list of instruments that she can play.

Mozart's artistry and creativity has been shaped by her unique global nomad lifestyle.

As well as fun and captivating music videos, Mozart also uploads informative StoryTime videos about her life.

Check out her original song uploads, they are great.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Newly listed on YTA ~ Sophia Dion

Sophia Dion is a guitar, piano, ukulele and stand-up bass playing singer from Utah.

Her musical style of indie, soul, blues, and pop has been influenced by KT Tunstall, Jason Mraz, Ingrid Michaelson, Joss Stone, Sara Bareilles and Allen Stone.

Sophia was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Orange County School of the Arts in the Commercial Music Program.

Non-profit organizations, such as 'Blue Star Connection' and 'Little Kids Rock' have played a big part in Sophia's musical journey, as she has helped raise funds for them for things such as musical instruments and music instruction for kids.

Carly Gibert now listed on YTA

I literally can't find out anything about Carly Gibert, other than that she is from Barcelona, Spain.

All I can say is she is a singer and guitarist that covers Pop and R&B music.

Sometimes words are not needed though, the talent says it all, so check out, like, follow and subscribe to her YouTube channel and all of her other pages to check her out and keep up to date with her offerings.

I like her! I hope you do too.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Newly added artist on YTA ~ Jenna Chessall

Piano and guitar playing singer, Jenna Chessall is from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Jenna was enrolled in classical voice lessons at the age of 8 years old, and would often perform locally, winning many awards and scholarships for her singing and piano playing.

Originally Jenna created a YouTube channel to upload videos of her singing classical songs, but after a while moved on to uploading more popular songs.

As well as singing, piano playing and guitar playing, Jenna is also a ballet and lyrical dancer.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Skye Claire ~ Now listed on YTA

Although not a regular contributor to YouTube these days, Skye Claire does have some good music on there, with the most recent being two years ago though. Her most recent video on there is a song called Pawn Shop, and it's great to watch.

Skye started out at the age of 16, playing at the famous Bitter End, the club that launched the careers of stars such as Bob Dylan, Linda Rondstadt, Gavin DeGraw and Lady Gaga.

Skye headed to Music City from New York in April 2012, even though she didn't know a soul there. She just packed up her truck and made the commitment to go. Just over a year after making that move Skye had performed at over 250 shows, proving that it was probably the best move she could of made.

Hopefully Skye will make a move to putting more videos up on YouTube sometime soon. Her refreshing, no nonsense attitude is certain to attract plenty of views.

New listing on YTA ~ Alex B

Alex B is just a normal kid who enjoys playing video games, skateboarding, and hanging out with friends & girls.

Growing up in a musical family made music come naturally to Alex though. His older brother is also a performer and actually participates in performing ballads with Alex. One of his distant cousins, Gary Cherone was in the band Extreme, who had a big hit with the song More Than Words.

Not just a singer, Alex can also play the guitar and piano.

Some notable venues that he has performed at include World Café Live at the Queen in Delaware, The Hard Rock Café in The Dominican Republic and in Florida, and the infamous TLA in Philadelphia.