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Sunday, 22 January 2017

New Featured Artist on YTA ~ Kaitlyn Oliveira

Kaitlyn Oliveira is a self taught singer and piano player from Newport, Rhode Island.

She was encouraged to start posting videos of herself singing online after entering a talent show in 7th grade.

If she could collab with any famous artists, then Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith and Demi Lovato would top the list.

Kaitlyn has currently written seven original songs, six of which are completely finished, and one of which, "Words Can Hurt" is online on YouTube as an audio only upload, and can also be downloaded from the usual sites such as Google Play Music and iTunes.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

New Artist Featured on YTA ~ Madison Marigold

Madison Marigold (aka “Madison Larsen”), is a guitarist and classically trained pianist from Los Angeles, California.

She has performed in crowds ranging from 200 to 60,000 people, including prestigious venues such as Staples Center for the NBA’s LA Lakers.

Madison has even been fortunate enough to count opening for megastars such as Demi Lovato among her achievements.

Keep an eye out for her first EP which will hopefully be released some time early this year.

Spotify Playlist - 'This Is: YouTube Artists' [Updated]

[Updated to reflect changes]

With 2,876 songs which is about 6 days of play time (at the time of writing), you might wonder who is actually in the playlist to make it be so big.

Well, the answer is, lots (and I mean lots) of artists. All of which are listed on the YTA website.

It's even possible that I might of missed some out. Hardly any artists post links to their Spotify artist page, meaning I have to search for them, and it is possible that I might not of found everybody.