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Saturday, 23 July 2016

New artist on YTA ~ Megan Rice

Megan Rice is a singer/songwriter/piano player from New York.

As is the case with a lot of artists, Megan always enjoyed singing for people from an early age, but started professional vocal traing and piano lessons at the age of 11, and it was then that her real passion as a singer and musician kicked in.

Megan has performed in a variety of venues, including three years in Rockers on Broadway, which is a charity event featuring a list of talented broadway performers.

As well as current songs, Megan enjoys and excels at singing soulful songs from the past, helping her to incorporate a good mix of blues, R&B, and pop in her choices of songs to sing.

Now listed on YTA ~ Sara Leone

Sara Leone is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from New York.

Sara regularly uploads new covers to YouTube, but unfortunately information about her is scarce, so I can't say much about her.

It would appear that she appeared on Season 10 of The Voice, but googling doesn't bring up much about that.

Check her out though, she is great.

New listing on YTA ~ Chloe Piscopo

Chloe Piscopo is no newcomer to YouTube, she has actually had videos online for years on another channel, that featured both hers and her sister, Kayla Jo's videos.

Searching for the Chevelle Sisters on YouTube will bring up the other channel, which is now home to just Kayla Jo's videos, but Chloe's older videos are still available on there.

On her new channel, Chloe only has four videos up at the moment, but I'm hoping that will all rapidly change and that it will soon be full of content.