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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Latest Featured Artist on YTA ~ Natasha Hicks

Natasha Hicks is a 13 year old, singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist from America.

She is very new to the YouTube scene and uploaded her first video (City of Stars - La La Land) in February this year. At the time of writing it is the only video that she has up, but if future uploads can be based on how good she sounds in that first video then I am sure she will be providing viewers with great videos for years to come.

Natasha started taking music lessons about 2 years ago, but only started to take music very seriously about 2 months ago.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

New Featured Artist on YTA ~ Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown is a singer, songwriter, pianist and ukulele player from Cardiff, Wales in the UK.

Being a regular on the live circuit keeps Sarah busy with her music and she can be found performing in and around the Cardiff area quite often.

Sarah is not just confined to the live circuit though, as her music has been played on BBC introducing, BBC Radio Wales, Kiss FM and local radio stations all over the UK.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Latest Featured Artist on YTA ~ Annelie

Annelie is a singer, pianist and ukelele player from the United States, but I think she might be Swedish due to a little sign off in her YouTube bio that says "Ha det Gott!!".

As well as being a musician, Annelie has another passion in life, which is gymnastics.

Annelie has been uploading to YouTube since April 2015 and has 34 videos up to enjoy so far, although some of them are very short versions of covers.

I feel there could be plenty more videos to come as time goes by and that they will only get better and better.